Compassion at the Time of Illness and Death, at KTD August 5-10, 2016

This retreat is an opportunity for practitioners in the Karma Kagyu tradition to learn short, simple, profound practices they can do to help themselves and others grow spiritually through the experiences of impermanence, sickness, and death. It is also an opportunity to become deeply acquainted with the view that supports those practices. The leaders for […]

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Are you devotional?

— Michael Erlewine Sometimes I hear talk about a secular Buddhism, a Buddhism without spiritual overtones. There are many forms or types of Buddhism, but they all refer to the same Dharma. I can see that such a secular-style Buddhism will arise, but never a secular dharma. Dharma is already as secular as it can […]

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Earth Day at KTD, 2016

On April 22-24 KTD held a weekend celebration of Earth Day. We began on Friday evening by watching the documentary “FLOW: For the Love of Water,” about the worldwide water crisis. The film opened our eyes to the global struggle for clean water, and the reasons why so many people do not have access to […]

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