The Thrangu Tsedrup: Tea Offering Remarks by Lodro Nyima Rinpoche

At the lotus-feet, honored and esteemed, of the lord of the ocean of families and mandalas, the light of the three worlds, the holder of the three vows’ pitakas, the illuminator of the teachings of this lineage of accomplishment, the supreme (name) Rinpoche and this gathering like an ocean of the noble sangha endowed with the eight virtues of awareness and liberation, with the utmost respect of the three gates, (donor’s name) touches their five limbs to the ground, joins their palms in faith, and offers the following prayer from their heart(s):

 May the sole source of help and happiness in this world, the teachings–both their tradition and their accomplishment–of the peerless Buddha Shakyamuni, and especially the precious teachings of this lineage of accomplishment spread in every direction and long remain.

 May the deity on whom our flower has landed, the guide of gods and humans, the all-pervasive overlord of all mandalas, His Holiness the Seventeenth Gyalwang Karmapa Kyapdak Rangjung Ögyen Gyalway Nyugu Drodül Trinley Dorje Tsal Choklay Nampar Gyalway Day Pal Zangpo Chok be free from all outer and inner adversity. Enjoying the most excellent circumstances and resources, may he be as immortal as the deities of immortality themselves. May his activity reach the ends of space. May all his wishes be swiftly fulfilled.

 May the lotus-feet of the victorious father and sons of the golden garland of the Kagyu, and of all the holy beings who hold the Sakya, Geluk, Kagyu, or Nyingma teachings, remain stably lasting for a hundred kalpas, and may their activity flourish in every direction.

 May the ground of the teachings, the communities of the sangha, be harmonious, pure of discipline, and rich with the wealth of the three precious trainings. May they always devote themselves entirely to the three wheels of service, meditation, and study.

 Through their doing so may the supreme wish-fulfilling jewel, His Holiness the Seventeenth Gyalwang Karmapa, soon and often place his feet on the soil of this powerful land of America. May the lord of refuge Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche continue to remain as immortal as the deities of immortality themselves. May all of the malice and vicious kleshas within the minds of any and all beings, and all our malicious behavior, be eradicated and pacified. May we all love one another.

 In every corner of this vast world and especially in America may sickness, starvation, and violence end. May there always be appropriate rainfall and fine harvests. May all the ruination characteristic of these dregs of time be pacified. May we enjoy the splendor of a golden age.

In sum, may we all, and at all times, properly do good and abstain from evil. May we all easily traverse the paths and stages and gain perfect freedom and realization.

 Dedicating it to the above-mentioned good wishes, given the excellent opportunity of this assembly of (name of puja), and while our offering is small we imagine it to be offering clouds like Samantabhadra’s, we have offered the service of tea to all the gathered noble sangha, together with an offering of ($ amount) to each of you. These offerings have been made with faith, respect, and joy; please pray for the fulfillment of the wishes we have mentioned. That is our one-pointed prayer.