Healing Emotional Trauma: Heartfelt Exploration of Buddhist wisdom

Co-presenters Lama Tsultrim Yeshe and Trish Malone

Healing Emotional Trauma
has been a heartfelt exploration of how we can benefit from Buddhist wisdom, no matter how dark and difficult our history.


Retreatants have shared their stories of both pain and peace, challenge and courage. Lama Yeshe has brought his usual mix of wise methods to heal and lots of humor.

Trish Malone shared how western Psychology and science are validating this 2,500 year old body of precious knowledge.

“The pain and suffering of trauma is a sign that we need to go in a new direction. By looking inward we begin to see and then make friends with how we magnify and hold o to the pain. We then purge the suffering with wisdom and apply loving kindness to the wound. — Lama Tsultrim Yeshe

It was a terrific weekend.