The tiny actions (cringes, shocks, reactions, prejudice, etc.) we perform hundreds of times a day, accumulate beyond our imagination.

— Michael Erlewine

Karma is the result of our previous intentions and actions that is ripening. And karma trumps genes, the accidental, and circumstantial. To use an analogy, karma is like rolling a pair of loaded dice, where karma is the “load.” When the dice are rolled, the tendency will be determined by the load.

If we continuously dig a groove by underscoring over and over again through repeating the same action, our tendency to fall into that inscribed groove is more probable. The deeper the groove, the more pervasive and long-lasting the karma. And what most folks don’t seem to understand is that micro-karma, the tiny actions (cringes, shocks, reactions, prejudice, etc.) we perform hundreds of times a day, accumulate beyond our imagination. And this accumulated karma, just like the more major actions (kill, steal, etc.), is also exactly recorded, ripens without fail, and inevitably arises to further obscure our awareness. 

I can write about this over and over, but until we each become aware enough to actually see it go down, and watch ourselves fall into these inscribed grooves, we will never take the quite obvious steps to catch ourselves in the act and no longer record that action. If we stop acting in that particular way, we stop recording that karma, and it gradually exhausts itself, dries up, and we are that much clearer of mind. This is not rocket science, folks.

All that is required to do something about this endless accumulation is a little more awareness on our part. How do we get that awareness? We get more aware by loosening our fixation on all that is going on around us. Even a little bit of wiggle room we gain can be enough to get our foot in the door of greater awareness, and even a little more awareness can be enough to catch ourselves in the act of the repetitive underscoring of unnecessary actions that we habitually repeat.

With no increased awareness, we are on a subway train hurtling through a life of increasing obscuration. Once we catch ourselves at it by realizing what we are doing, we can begin to tone down our habitual actions, and by that realization gain back a little more of the energy and awareness that we now squander unknowingly. And awareness begets more awareness, until pretty soon we find ourselves scaling back the karma we habitually record, and we soon have a domino-effect in our favor. We can then gradually pull out of the nose dive we have been on, well, virtually forever.

Just as karma is relentless in its accumulation, the removal of karma through increased awareness on our part can be just as powerful and relentless, once started. It does not take forever to start, but it does take a little bit of practice on are part to get it rolling.

[Photo taken by me recently.]