Auspicious Arrival: Chamgon Tai Situpa Teaches at KTD October 1st

Chamgon Tai Situpa’s first visit to KTD in 17 years began with his arrival September 30th, followed by his teaching on October 1, 2016.

Some of us could attend, and some could not.

However, we all can experience (or re-experience) the visit through the lenses of our photographers, who covered the event in stirring detail.

Many thanks to Amber Roniger, Stephanie Colvey, Robert Hansen-Sturm and Sarite Sanders.

Click on photos or links to view each slideshow below.

Amber Roniger

30137858626_29b56453de_kGreeting at the Airport 

ktdblog2Before Arrival at KTD; Getting Ready


29542974294_959a6f7fa2_oTea and Rice Ceremony

29876248090_12a16e854b_oArrival of Tulku Damcho Rinpoche

30057486612_c4abcb9682_oMahamudra Teaching

30172256915_ba2911aebd_oDeparture for KPL

Stephanie Colvey30050962781_e9d54c5991_o

Robert Hansen-Sturm29840441430_9482e4bd60_o

Sarite Sanders29507421293_764b51cd6b_o