Special Summer Event at KTD: Compassion At the Time of Sickness and Death

On August 5-10, 2016 KTD will offer for the third time its retreat on Compassion At the Time of Sickness and Death.

This 5-day retreat is led by Lama Kathy Wesley, Resident Teacher at Columbus, Ohio KTC; Lama Repa Dorje Odzer, Resident Teacher at New York Tsurphu Goshir Dharma Center (Brooklyn) and Hospice Chaplain at Calvary Hospital (Bronx, NY); and Jan Tarlin, Graduate of Union Theological Seminary (NYC) and KTD’s Pastoral Care Training Program, and member of the KTD Staff.

Lama Repa Dorje Odzer describes the essence of the retreat this way: “This retreat is a distinct spiritual practice in its own right, something one can repeat, come back to, do once and then digest, work, practice, process and do again.  We might even ask ourselves, if sickness and death will not end, why should our relationship to sickness and death not be something we return to over and over until we experience completely the aspect of mind which remains constant through the loss of our health and even the loss of our life?”

And an enthusiastic retreatant speaks for several we’ve heard from with this response: “Hard to beat… a fantastic program… so grateful.”

Watch this blog for more detailed information about the retreat and the instructors or contact Jan Tarlin at KTD (jan@kagyu.org or 845-679-5906 x1012).

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