His Holiness is Coming!


Announcement of intention


Planting Pansies


Getting ready for arrival


Volunteers are arriving!!


Lama Karma Drodhul works on the painting crew


Max helps with painting outlines of the 8 auspicious emblems designs on the walkway


Lama Tashi Dondup painting


Box of banners waiting to be placed


Volunteers unfurl decorative banners preparing for His Holiness


Digging post holes for banners


 Hanging lights from the roof – adding a touch of light to the top of the monastery.


 The Dream Flag is flying behind the deer and wheel


The finished walkway 1


 The finished walkway 2


Max and Robyn hang banners on the main gateway


Newly refurbished flower department is filled to bursting with blossoms to offer His Holiness


Setting Up Fund Raising


Putting Out the Nifty Thermal Cups


Lama Paldron sweeps the monastery back hallway


Tenzin Chonyi, KTD president (left) hangs banner over the gateway


Even the sky is decorating itself in honor of His Holiness


Photos and text by Lama Kathy Wesley, on the day before the Gyalwang Karmapa is scheduled to visit KTD.


3 thoughts on “His Holiness is Coming!

  1. Wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work. We are all so lucky that His Holiness has blessed us with a visit. His presence creates infinite and lasting ripples of compassion. Emaho!

  2. Emaho! tashi delek, how JOYful, your activity there, and so beautifully and skillfully carried out……may the ever-calming and well-paced stride and warmth of HH Karmapa continue to open and expand hearts and minds everywhere, in most auspicious ways to bring benefit to all, Pumehana (Warmly), me ke aloha, Leonora

    p.s. working on a project for Youth to engage in the Arts, hoping to receive blessing, perhaps input of encouraging ‘slogans’ from HH Karmapa, as well as Dzongsar JKRinpoche……..please let me know address/pathway i need to use to connect…….in gratitude, anjali mudra, Happy Days,……

  3. It would be very nice if you had a formal grouping of four flagpoles, New York, the US, and the Dream Flagor the Buddhist flag, in a central circular garden area at the entrance. It gives a nice feeling to any politicians who visit, anda feeling of encompassment to everyone else. Its a sort of respectful thing to do. If you put the Buddhist and Dreamflag poles lower, and then New York and highest the USA flagthat will be perfect. And let that be all. You can have overkill with flags, too. Do you think you do?I think you have too many dream flags and that there will be so many people that the flags will be in the way of traffic.I would hang them vertically around and from the roof of the gompa. The flags are also very low and will block the view for photos.Just an opinion. You have worked so hard and everything is beautiful. A whole new generation of students is there now.That is good to see. An oldie-goldie,

     Wendy S. KingNashville, NC“Lots of people talk to animals. Not very many listen, though. That’s the problem.” — Benjamin Hoff

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