GivingTuesday™ at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra – December 2, 2014

Make Your Gift Go Twice as Far – $12,000 Matching Grant Announced!

Karma Triyana Dharmachakra has joined the global generosity movement called “Giving Tuesday” – in which non-profit organizations encourage donors to practice generosity on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

This year’s Giving Tuesday is Dec. 2 – and from now until Dec. 2, your donation will be DOUBLED in size! Matching grant donors have pledged to give KTD up to $12,000 if we can raise an equal amount between now and Dec. 2.

So, whether you are supporting our weekly Free Classes in Meditation Instruction, or our weekly support group for those struggling with substance addiction, Family Day, or our daily public meditation, this is a great time to give.

Click the link below and your gift will double for the dharma. May all beings benefit!

Donation Links Here 

If you could give one gift to the world, what would it be?






All of these gifts spring to mind when we think of what the world needs most.

Here at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, we are committed to giving the world the best of what we have to offer: meditation practice, a place to connect to nature and to the best part of ourselves – our basic, inner sanity and goodness.

To do this, we open our doors to the public each and every day, offering periods of quiet meditation and chanting in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

We offer free meditation instruction to the public every Saturday afternoon, showing people how mindfulness can help and heal the world.

We sponsor weekly recovery meetings that help connect those struggling with addictions of all types.

We offer classes to parents looking to raise their children with love and goodness.

And we are a center for the principals of socially responsible “active compassion” espoused by His Holiness Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje.

We accomplish all of this with the help of our donors and friends. And we are delighted to have the opportunity to be part of the “Giving Tuesday” campaign, which allows people to give back to the organizations and places that have given them so much.

GivingTuesday™ (#GivingTuesday) is a movement to create a National Day of Giving on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. It only makes sense: our social calendar already has a day for giving thanks, and two days for getting deals on our holiday shopping. “Giving Tuesday” encourages people to give generously to others by donating to their favorite non-profit organizations.

This year’s Giving Tuesday is Dec. 2, 2014. Between now and then, we invite you to give in whatever way you can – volunteer hours, meditation and prayer, or good old fashioned cash. Whatever you give, it will help Karma Triyana Dharmachakra carry out its mission of being a beacon of love and goodness in a troubled world.

Giving Tuesday video

Giving Tuesday information on the KTD Website



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