Webcasting the Green Tara Retreat at KTD in Spanish

_MG_7916Cameras, microphones, and voice recorders are ready and set to go as the online retreatants prepare to receive every morning’s teachings live on www.facebuda.org The simultaneous webcast of the day’s teachings reaches people from 32 countries around the world including practitioners from Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the USA, Colombia, Venezuela, Lebanon, Nepal, Hong Kong, Panama and Indonesia. It is marvelous to see how the internet serves as such a powerful aid and makes it possible for people living at a distance to follow the Green Tara Retreat at KTD monastery and benefit from these profound teachings. These free online dharma talks and practice sessions are made available as a result of the efforts of Venerable Damcho and the Facebuda project team –which is the Spanish-speaking platform designed to motivate and share tools for dharma practice.


During the retreat we have been able to offer online streaming of all the activities conducted inside the gompa, including our two practice sessions, the daily Green Tara sadhana teachings given by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoché and the subsequent question and answer periods he offers in the late afternoons. This has been an incredible opportunity to connect with a great master, and it’s made even better by the fact that it can be shared with others. The only requirement to participate is to attend the complete series in order to receive the thorough and detailed instructions on the practice and as well as in-depth teachings on its profound meanings and use.

_MG_8427The retreat’s virtual participants have expressed feeling wonderfully connected to the retreat while learning at a distance. Members of the Facebuda virtual community that attend the sessions are able to participate actively during the question and answer period with Rinpoche by emailing us their questions and receiving an immediate response by watching and listening to Rinpoche respond online. One such participant, Guillermo from Argentina, wrote, “I would like to deliver my most profound thanks to Rinpoche because his answers helped to clear up the doubts I’ve been having regarding my practice. I will cherish his responses like a precious jewel.”

Our motivation was to be able to share this precious jewel of dharma and make it accessible to anyone who has a sincere interest while making the teachings available at no cost to Spanish speakers everywhere. We hope with all our hearts that all the efforts made by the webcast team are helping to fulfill this goal and are of great benefit to all sentient beings.



Writers / Escritores
Andrea Tague
Lorena Orozco
Verónica Frutos
Arturo Cordero
América Vera

Translator / Traductora
Raquel Cajiga

Editors / Editores
Hope Jinishian
Beth Keenan

Photographs / Fotografías
Alessandra Otero
Nelly Toledo

Coordinators / Coordinadores
Leslie Serna
Ven. Tenzin Dapel
Alberto Fournier


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