The Hand of the Master: Green Tara Practice Instructions from Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

_MG_8546The process to practice Green Tara in all its power and efficacy, as taught to us by Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, comes in three parts. It begins with the practice’s empowerment, followed by an explanation of the meaning of the practice, and the instructions for doing the practice. Twice a day Rinpoche teaches us precise and clear instructions on the Green Tara sadhana (the written text that contains the practice). During the first half of the teaching sessions, Rinpoche explains different aspects of the sadhana, and in the second half, he answers questions that arise daily when we practice. It is joyful to learn that no question is meritless, and that each doubt, however simple, is answered by Rinpoche with such beautiful and profound explanations. With his answers, he sheds light upon our practice with unconditional love, wisdom and simplicity.

_MG_8554Now at the midpoint in our retreat, our mind has experienced many transformations. The difficulties and clarities are present; we have evidenced the mental state that arises and abides. Little by little, the practice becomes clearer and clearer. This is a complex and rich practice in sound, mudras (hand gestures that have diverse meanings), and mental offerings that are gestures of admiration to the wise and compassionate buddhas. All these rely upon the explanations that Rinpoche offers us, thereby enabling our practice to be done with even greater significance, strength and determination.

_MG_8553These important commentaries and explanations of the meditation text would not be comprehensible to us without the valuable assistance of his personal translator, Jigme-la, who first translates Rinpoche’s commentaries from Tibetan into English. The marvel of understanding them for us then arises when Venerable Damchö translates simultaneously from English to Spanish with great agility and knowledge. When Rinpoche speaks, each explanation lasts several minutes, during which time Jigme calmly takes notes and then offers his translation with patience and without hesitation.


_MG_7964The explanation given to us about the text of the Praises to the 21 Taras has been splendid. This meditation implies the visualization of the 21 forms in which Tara manifests to achieve in our mind different edifying states: cutting fright, difficulties, mental states of disturbance and obscurations in order to connect us with our true nature: a clear, wise, courageous and luminous mind. Step by step we listen to the meaning of each of the emanations of Tara, as well as the description of the visualizations for each one. Rinpoche emphasizes we should really feel the practice in our hearts, to have absolute confidence in the presence of Tara as the great liberator.

_MG_8552United in the gompa, we listen to Rinpoche’s teachings with open and brave hearts, working to break our old mental habits and dualistic thinking. Finally we offer prayers so that we may achieve an altruistic and compassionate mind for the benefit of all sentient beings. And as we work to make this aspiration a reality, moment by moment with ever awakening awareness, we celebrate the instants when we are able to meet the challenge.



Writers / Escritores
Andrea Tague
Lorena Orozco
Verónica Frutos
Arturo Cordero
América Vera

Translator / Traductora
Raquel Cajiga

Editors / Editores
Hope Jinishian
Beth Keenan

Photographs / Fotografías
Alessandra Otero
Nelly Toledo

Coordinators / Coordinadores
Leslie Serna
Ven. Tenzin Dapel
Alberto Fournier


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