Tara Rituals workshop at the Spanish Retreat at KTD

_MG_8504_MG_7935We are on the path. We travel the path with great enthusiasm and rejoice as we commence the varied workshop activities that were prepared for this retreat at KTD. We will tell you a bit about the Rituals Workshop. For starters, what is the Rituals Workshop? It is a space in which retreatants get to know the meaning of practice, through the repetition of some of its elements such as the sound of the bell, the vajra and mudras, all constituting the beautiful elements of the Tara practice. This is why the Rituals Workshop was created for us so that we can learn more about each of these elements, and use them correctly in our practice.

The workshop was lovingly directed and assisted by Lama Lodro Lhamo, who teaches us to use our hands to make the offerings of mudras: water for drinking and water for bathing; and the offering of flowers, incense, lamps, fragrances, food and music. She also taught us the mudra of the mandala offering. The purpose of these mudras is to help us imagine the offerings we are making. And they help us to concentrate during the practice with our body, speech and mind._MG_8509

Lama Lodro explained the use of the bell which in the Tara practice represents wisdom.  She showed us how to hold it, which hand to hold it in and in what position it should be held; as well as the movement we should make with it for it to make its sound, and in which moment of the practice we should use it. She also showed us how to hold and use the vajra –which represents our skillful means—its position, and also when to use it in our practice._MG_8491

While practicing, impermanence manifested itself and the time destined for the workshop ended, pending some other elements which we will learn during the retreat.

_MG_8340_MG_8336The Rituals Workshop is a space to learn the beautiful and necessary elements for the Tara practice. It is also a precious opportunity to progress with patience and effort. In this way we train our mind to be of benefit to all beings. We hope to meet success with this complex and profound practice during the days ahead so that it may become a fluid and simple one. As we master its elements, we make it a dance, a beautiful dance in which all beings partake.


Writers / Escritores
Andrea Tague
Lorena Orozco
Verónica Frutos
Arturo Cordero
América Vera

Translator / Traductora
Raquel Cajiga

Editors / Editores
Hope Jinishian
Beth Keenan

Photographs / Fotografías
Alessandra Otero
Nelly Toledo

Coordinators / Coordinadores
Leslie Serna
Ven. Tenzin Dapel
Alberto Fournier


One thought on “Tara Rituals workshop at the Spanish Retreat at KTD

  1. Again I want to express my appreciation for the posts and the beautiful photos of the Tara retreat. It is SO inspiring to be able to follow along with what is happening and what participants are experiencing.

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