2013, as Viewed from the KTD News E-Letter

headingforspecialannouncementIn the spirit of reviewing the past year at KTD, here is the year 2013 in e-mail newsletters, displayed in order.

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The New Year Message 2013!

Retreat Month 2013

Happy Losar Post

Last Year’s Losar Card

Losar and Looking Towards the New Programs in 2013

Losar Recaps – Videos and etc.


March Programs at the Monastery

Pema, Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche’s Sister, Deceased in China

Big Staff and Board of Trustees Meeting

April at KTD

KTD Speaks at Newtown

Filling the Mahakala Statue

Meet the New Shrine Keeper!


June Programs

Family Day at KTD

Khenpo Gangshar!

His Holiness Karmapa’s Birthday card

Tsa Tsas and Spanish Language Retreat

Buddhism and Recovery

Healing the Emotions: Grief, Loss and Pain

Ten Day Teaching and 90th Birthday 2013

Milarepa and Impermanence

About Lodro Nyima Rinpoche

All About the Ten-Day Teaching

Recapping the Ten-Day Teaching

Volunteering and Khandro Rinpoche Visit Recap

Big Thank You to All the People Who Gave for the 90th Birthday

Karmapa Kids Survey


Working on the Shrine Building

Giving Tuesday

Prayers for Lama Karma Wangmo, Susan Albright

Save the Date for the Next Year’s Programs Announced

His Holiness Karmapa and the Environment; Looking Back Over the Last Year


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