Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Joins #Giving Tuesday! Matching Funds Available for Donations Made to KTD before Dec. 3!


gestureKhenpo Karthar Rinpoche, abbot of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, has said that KTD Monastery is a sacred container for His Holiness the Gyalwang Karmapa’s activity in America; it is a place of pilgrimage on the order of Bodhgaya, seat of the Buddha’s awakening in India. Khenpo Rinpoche also has said that clearing away KTD’s construction debt will remove financial obstacles for the organization, so it can be free to pursue its mission of offering the dharma to all. So we, KTD’s dharma family, should try to do what we can to make Khenpo Rinpoche’s wish for a debt-free KTD come true.

“If we work together toward this goal, it will benefit us as a group far beyond what we can give individually,” said Anne Hulett of KTD’s Development Office. “I encourage everyone to participate as much as they are able during this giving season.”

Photo, Robert Hansen-Sturm

To help make this possible, Karma Triyana Dharmachakra has become part of the “Giving Tuesday” movement.

GivingTuesday™” (#GT) is a movement to create a National Day of Giving on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Instead of focusing on holiday shopping, “Giving Tuesday” encourages people to give to their favorite non-profits.

This year, KTD is focusing its “Giving Tuesday” effort on two important KTD funds: the Vajra Fund (for Construction Loan Repayment); and the Karma Yarphel Fund (for Daily Operations).  All of KTD’s funds are important, but these two need the most immediate attention. The Vajra Fund will help us pay down the Construction Loan that helped us build the new Residence Wing; The Karma Yarphel Fund will help us pay the additional utility costs for heat and light during the cold upstate New York winter.

KTD102513GTbitAnd if you give to either fund before Dec. 3, your gift will count twice: Anonymous donors say they will match Vajra Fund donations (for Loan Repayment) up to $10,000, and Karma Yarphel Fund donations (for Daily Operations) up to $1,000. Either way, your gift is fully tax-deductible, and you will have the joy and merit of knowing that your gift will help “keep the lamp burning” at KTD.

Additionally, KTD is hosting its own Giving Tuesday Special Event on Dec. 3: Executive Director David Kaczynski and Operations Director Linda Patrik are inviting friends, neighbors, townspeople, and the public at large to “Give Peace to the World” with them from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. during Daily Morning Meditation in the Main Shrine Room at KTD.

Photo, Elizabeth Fredeland
Photo, Elizabeth Fredeland

Daily Morning Meditation has been part of KTD’s schedule for more than a year, and is a way KTD “gives back” to the community by providing a place for local people to cultivate the compassionate heart within themselves.

Whether you give by donating funds or by giving your energy to ‘Give Peace to the World” by sitting with us on Dec. 3,  please know that your donation will help KTD continue its activities of kindness and compassion in the world.

May all beings benefit!

Give now, and give here.

Our Partner Page on the Giving Tuesday Website

First “Giving Tuesday” Video

Second “Giving Tuesday” Video



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