See You Again Soon, Chenrezig!


We have ended this retreat before the presence of Chenrezig, walking towards him, to receive his blessings.



The last day of retreat began with us taking Refuge and practicing Chenrezig.  At 10:30 a.m., Rinpoche generously offered us the transmission of the preliminary practices. In the same manner a father teaches his daughter to pronounce her first words, he gave us the mantra of Medicine Buddha and he blessed the sacred objects we had brought with such purpose.

IMGfarewell3There isn’t a way to express the gratitude we feel for everything we have received here. Fortunately, Venerable Damchö could express with her words the gratitude that was in many of our hearts.

Her beautiful words were followed by an emotional procession of sacred offerings. The procession, included a representation of the Universe, followed by the symbols of the body, speech and mind of a Buddha. The Dharmadatta Community offered all these sacred objects to Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche.


The representation of body, a statue of White Tara, with sacred elements in her inside and aspirations for Rinpoche’s long life, was previously blessed by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, in Dharamsala. The speech, was represented by the Sanghata sutra and mind by an Enlightenment Stupa, which also was blessed by HH the Karmapa.

IMGfarewell7After this was the retreatants’ procession, during which they presented other offerings prepared for Rinpoche. Amongst them, a set of monastic habits, a wealth bumpa (vase), brocades, thangkas, statues and other objects that were meant to express our happiness and gratitude.

As a father blessing his only child on his way home, each of the participants had an intimate moment with Rinpoche. We received Rinpoche’s blessing by his own hands.  Also, we were able to touch his head with ours, receiving in our minds the blessing of his mind.

IMGfarewell4The procession of retreatants also represented the aspirations of their respective countries. Each felt the responsibility of presenting Rinpoche with the offering in their hands, while at the same time mentally representing the aspirations of those others who share our dreams of peace and happiness.

Even if most of us cannot still appreciate the magnitude of the seed of compassion, love and devotion that has been sown in us, we know it is there. We know there will be a process by which it will ripen and be reaped. The effect of this seed has already impacted our minds. We have what we need; now it is the moment to go out and do the work. That is what we feel.

IMGfarewell6As far as aspirations, we aspire to have the conditions to meet again and be able to receive the nectar of Dharma next year during the Green Tara Initiation. We make prayers for Rinpoche’s long life, his stable and healthy life.IMGfarewell8

Photos by: Alessandra Otero Ramos


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