“It is the Smallest Contribution for What We Have Received” – Karma Yoga, Generosity in Action

karmayoga7The retreat in KTD has enabled 60 Spanish-speakers from America and Europe to participate in the practice of karma yoga, a discipline in which we dedicate entirely to contribute with our actions or tasks to the good development of an activity or project. There are no “important” tasks, nor “less important duties”, because we all contribute to the well being of this congregation in the brotherhood of Dharma.

karmayoga4The chores include cleaning, gardening, kitchen, tending to the lamas, filming, photos, maintaining the Gompa, receiving the pilgrims, coordinating personal interviews with Rinpoche, writing, translating, amongst others. We do not have “what good luck” or “such bad luck”. Whichever the activity we are participating in, we do it with a special motivation, with much responsibility and enthusiastic compromise, offering our work and its results for the benefit of all.karmayoga11

This is an offering done with the abandonment of ego and implies the generous and uninterested action. As a result of this practice, we cultivate the virtue of humbleness, inclusion and nearness with the participants we have just met in a sincere and open manner.

karmayoga12Lama Karma Drodul taught us in his first session of teachings that with respect to karma yoga, Buddhism has three wheels: study and contemplation, meditation (working with a mind that has abandoned disturbing emotions) and the wheel of activity. He mentioned that without activity, without action, this retreat wouldn’t be possible, due to the fact that all the activities we do as washing dishes and helping out in every duty, have the purpose of benefiting others.

karmayoga5KTD Monastery was built 36 years ago due to the kindness and generosity of thousands of people and it is maintained in top shape due to the work of many volunteers that do most of the duties required for its well being.

One of the retreatants commented: “Karma yoga has the sense of a prayer for others, a practice of service taken with love and care. It is the smallest contribution for what we have received.”karmayoga6

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