KTD Green Monastery “Stages of the Path” – Literally!

IMG_1137I am so happy to continue volunteering for KTD, looking for ways that the Monastery can keep renewing its “Green Monastery” status.

Sustainability, by any definition, means that a system is able to continue long-term and, since things are always changing, being able to react and adapt to those changes.  Since sustainability is so broad a term, there are many projects that would help KTD improve its sustainability and ability to grow stronger as an organization.  The more people we have supporting KTD, the more that can be done.

IMG_1141For this reason, I am overjoyed to  begin working with another volunteer, Steve Soszynski, who has already brought a wealth of knowledge and energy to maintain the health of the KTD grounds.

Pictured here, he and I are working on a pathway connecting the sidewalk of the main building to the ramp at the back of the Gompa.  This project is a good reminder of the need to importance of flexibility in all things, as the design of the path has to take many factors into account including fire truck access.

IMG_1147Of course, the community at KTD has been very important in sharing ideas and support for a side project such as this.  For my part, I am always especially excited to lead other volunteers, so I have greatly appreciated the help of the Karma Yogis that offer their time in between teaching sessions!

We thank Anonymous KTD Staff Member for these photos. May All Beings Benefit!

Progress continues, and we have high hopes to work with our facilities director Clifton Skye on future projects.

Hope to see you up there!

— Robyn Glenney

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