Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche Leads KTD’s First Spanish-Speaking Retreat July 13-21, 2013!

Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche in Mexico last year.

KTD is rejoicing to be hosting its very first Spanish-speaking Retreat, July 13-21, 2013! Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche will teach Chenrezik to 65 pilgrims from all over  Latin America and Spain, deepening Rinpoche’s and KTD’s growing connection with the world’s Latin communities.

The entire retreat (except the empowerment) will be transmitted live by webcast so Spanish-speaking students can connect with Rinpoche and KTD in a substantial way, even if they are not able to come to the retreat.

On July 6, 2012, Rinpoche was welcomed to Mexico with great joy by 68 very happy Mexicans, plus a handful of non-Mexicans. They were all so happy and amazed to actually have Rinpoche there.

The story of how the pilgrimage came about with Karmapa’s blessing is quite moving.  Rinpoche traveled to Mexico in July of 2012 and inspired so many people so deeply, according theheartisnobleto Ani Damchö, an American nun who helped His Holiness the Karmapa edit his new book, “The Heart Is Noble.”

Ani Damchö and other members of Dharmadatta Nuns Community had a strong aspiration to support the people in Mexico who received Rinpoche’s teachings and continue deepening the connection.

“We would like to invite Rinpoche again, but also know that such travel is not so easy or comfortable for Rinpoche, so we tried to think more widely,” says Ani Damchö. “Our nuns’ community had an audience with His Holiness and received extensive guidance from His Holiness for 2013.

“We asked our kind master whether he felt it would be good for our community to organize a pilgrimage and retreat for Spanish speakers to KTD in 2013, requesting perhaps Chenrezik or Medicine Buddha empowerment from Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, and then do a practice retreat and pilgrimage at KTD itself.”

“His Holiness responded very firmly that yes, we should do that. So now we wish to place before Rinpoche all the merit we have generated until now, and especially also all the merit of his students in Latin America and particularly those who did the three-month Vajrasattva retreat based on his empowerment and instructions, to request Rinpoche to offer Chenrezig or whichever initiation Rinpoche feels will be most beneficial to those Spanish-speaking students who wish to travel to KTD to see Rinpoche’s glorious face and hear his Dharma and receive his blessings and empowerment and teachings.”

spanishpilgrimage4Rinpoche was delighted with the idea of the pilgrimage, and agreed the give teachings on Chenrezik and an empowerment.  His Holiness gave his blessing for Chenrezik to be the group’s first retreat at KTD.

Ani Damchö says, “Our idea is to make an opportunity for people in KTCs and study groups in South America and the students who made a Dharma connection in Mexico to deepen their connection to the lineage, to His Holiness, to Rinpoche, and to KTD, by offering a full program with everything translated in Spanish.”

And so it shall be in 2013, for the very first time, and we at KTD hope for many years to come.

— Anitra Brown

Spanish version here.


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