Join us for a Virtual Pilgrimage of the Stupas of the Southwest

blogheadervirtualstupatourThe Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Stupa Pilgrimage will take modern-day Buddhist pilgrims to seven stupas in the Southwestern United States from June 3-6 this year.

Stupas are Buddhist monuments, containing relics, mantras, and blessed substances. They act as a focal point for relating to the sacred in the external world, and symbolize the activity and blessing of the Buddhas in our everyday environment. As such, they are ideal places for pilgrimage – a sacred journey into one’s spiritual life.

During our pilgrimage, we will make offerings, recite aspiration prayers, and circumambulate the stupas, praying for all sentient beings to enjoy happiness, safety, security, and spiritual awakening. We also will learn about stupas and their sacred architecture, and meet Buddhist teachers and receive teachings along the way.

Do you have an interest in accompanying us on the trip, but cannot attend? Do you wish to support the pilgrimage, and create virtue and merit for yourself and all sentient beings?

We have devised a way to take you along – on a “Virtual Pilgrimage” of the Southwest Stupas.



People who wish to participate can send a photograph of themselves or a loved one, along with an aspiration, via email to the Stupa Pilgrimage organizers at

We will print out the photos and aspirations, put them in a binder, and take them along with us on our pilgrimage. At each stupa, we will circumambulate the stupas, carrying your photo and aspiration, and pray for you and your loved ones’ accomplishment of your aspirations.

Photos and aspirations also can be sent via postal mail. You can send them to:

KTD Stupa Pilgrimage
ATTN: Aspirations
243 English Ave.
Newark, OH 43055

We have extended the deadline for submitting photos and aspirations for our “Virtual Pilgrimage” to Midnight Eastern Time on Sunday, May 26.  If you wish for your photo and aspiration to be returned to you, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your photo and request. We will do our best to return them to you.


Persons who wish to help sponsor the pilgrimage – to help us defray costs for the pilgrimage, and to make offerings to the stupas we visit along the way – may include donations with their photos and aspirations.

There are two levels of Sponsorship: Friend, and Supporter

Friends donate $1 to $24. In appreciation for their donation, Friends will receive a photo of the Tashi Gomang Stupa for their altar.

Supporters donate $25 and above. In appreciation for their donation, Supporters will receive both the Tashi Gomang Stupa photo and two Buddhist protection cords blessed by the ALL stupas we will visit. These cords can be worn around the neck or wrist, or placed in your home or your car, and provide a spiritual protection and support.

Checks can be made out to KTD Stupa Pilgrimage, and sent (along with photos and aspirations) to the address above.

Unfortunately, donations made this year are not tax-deductible, but each donation will be acknowledged by letter, sent around June 15, after the conclusion of the pilgrimage. Donor Gifts also will be shipped around June 15.

blogheadervirtualstupatour2Many thanks to all for considering this Virtual Pilgrimage; it is said that when you rejoice in the merit of others, you yourself reap the same merit. May all beings have the joy of being in the presence of the awakened ones!!!


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