The White Tara Shrine: Up Close and Personal

blogwhitetara1I was at KTD yesterday, and had a chance to take photos of Rinpoche with one of the 155 White Tara statues that just arrived from Nepal.

I love the photo where you can see Rinpoche’s blue “Buddha eye”
peeking through the statue.  I also include a close-up of the 8 inch fully gold plated White Tara statue and a photo of Rinpoche holding the statue.

blogwhitetara2Our beloved Abbot turns 90 this year, and we plan to celebrate in a very special way.  These 155 statues —  finely crafted, decorated with precious stones, and personally filled by Rinpoche — will be used to build a shrine for a three-day White Tara retreat August 30-Sept. 1.  At the end of the retreat, Rinpoche will consecrate the statues.  The blessing goes to those who attend the ceremony and the sponsors, who take their statues home with them.  (Or of course they can be shipped).

We are also giving Rinpoche a 24-inch statue for his birthday that will be part of the shrine.

blogwhitetara3Rinpoche and the wonderful KTD benefactress May Lein Ho came up with this idea together, and it is how Rinpoche wishes to celebrate his 90th birthday.

There are several ways to participate:

  • Sponsor a 6” or 8″ White Tara statue, either partially or fully gold-plated. to take home after the event.  Prices range from $1200 (6” partially gold plated) to $2100 (8″ fully gold plated).  They were made by craftsmen of Rinpoche choosing.
  • Contribute towards the 24-inch gold-plated White Tara statue, a gift to express our deep love and respect for Rinpoche.
  • Donate any amount towards the project.
  • Recite White Tara mantras whenever you can to pray for our precious guru’s longevity.

White Tara Statue Request Form

For more information, contact May Lein Ho at friendsofktd@gmail, or go to

May all beings benefit!!

Anitra Brown


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