Calm, Subtle Beauty; A Portrait of KTD in Winter by Anonymous

IMG_5190 IMG_5188 IMG_5187 IMG_5181 IMG_5178 IMG_5175 IMG_5174 IMG_5165 IMG_5159 IMG_5158 IMG_5155 IMG_5154 IMG_5152 IMG_5148 IMG_5139 IMG_5138 IMG_5131 IMG_5121 IMG_5118 IMG_5114 IMG_5111 IMG_5110 IMG_5103 IMG_5087 IMG_5078 IMG_5073 IMG_5070 IMG_5067 IMG_5057 IMG_5045 IMG_5029 IMG_5024 IMG_5017 IMG_5016 IMG_5011 IMG_5003 IMG_4983 IMG_4982 IMG_4981 IMG_4940 IMG_4937 IMG_4903 IMG_4901 IMG_4940 IMG_4937 IMG_4903 IMG_4901


2 thoughts on “Calm, Subtle Beauty; A Portrait of KTD in Winter by Anonymous

  1. I don’t know who “Anonymous” is, but s/he takes great photos! That horizontal photo of the deer would make a nice Losar or winter holiday card. My last comment is: BRRRRR!! (writing from Florida)

  2. Waking up to a fresh snow on that mountain was what helped me to stay sane when the winter months drew colder and colder. The wind would blow so hard that you could feel it through the walls in the old house!

    Our dear beloved translator Chojor had a note on the back of his bedroom door to thank his humble room for shielding him fro that wind for all those years. For keeping him warm and providing him with a home to escape to. I think of that letter often when I miss him… when I miss the mountain, and the old house. She was a bit of a tinder box, and rather rickety, but she kept us warm and gave us a shelter like some of us had never known…

    Blessed mountain, blessed center, blessed life we live.

    Thank you “Anonymous” for these photos.

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