Shipping the Beans and Skillful Means: KTD Gets a Lot of Coffee

Michael Jones, Addison Shierry and some House Blend

35 pounds of Starbucks coffee is on the way to KTD.

Addison Shierry took refuge last weekend. She lives in Dallas, and works at Starbucks.

Her boyfriend and fellow KTC Member Michael Jones mentioned that coffee is the most expensive item purchased for KTD food service.

Put all these facts together, and this is what happens: Addison works with her Starbucks manager, Tara Whippie, and is able to have 35 pounds of premium coffee donated to KTD.

35 pounds of Starbucks beans are being shipped to KTD as we speak, courtesy KTC Member Tom Jaco.

KTD Director David Kaczynski mentioned that the Chef/Kitchen Director would be very excited to receive the coffee.

When there is a desire to benefit, that desire manifests.

This desire is manifesting in a form that many people will appreciate and will save KTD money. Salute, Karmapa Chenno, and Blessings!


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