“I can’t draw and was terrified, then amazed at what I was able to produce. For me that was quite healing.”

Lama Karma Chopal

Lama Karma Chopal came to teach us how to draw the Eight Auspicious Symbols at KTD last weekend — the first day, we drew them on paper inside the room simply by following what Lama Chopal did.  There were artists and art therapists and a few people like me.  I can’t draw and was terrified, then amazed at what I was able to produce.  For me that was quite healing.

The second day – Earth Day —  we went outside.  Lama Chopal drew the auspicious symbols on the new brick walkway.  We rushed to fill them in with colored sand, using the techniques he showed us, because it looked like rain.  We’ve been having a terrible drought in this area, with many fires that are destroying land and homes.

Sure enough, it rained in the afternoon and washed away our work.  But that was okay.  Lama Chopal said they were an offering to mother earth, on Earth Day, and they pleased her so she gave us rain.

The Precious Parasol
The Precious Parasol, before and then after auspicious rain.

The Treasure Vase

Group Drawing the Eight Auspicious Symbols
Here the group is working on the precious vase — this was a very engaging activity and people who were just passing through joined in for a few minutes.


More KTD Seminars about ‘Drawing Auspiciousness’ will be scheduled in months to come –

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